IMHO: Thanks Giving

Like many of you perhaps, I suddenly realized this past week that this week is Thanksgiving.

For me, 2006 has been an extraordinary year on fronts both personal and professional:  turning 50 , the  death of my father , my 20 th wedding anniversary, sending our first kid off to college, #2 turning 16,  PLANSPONSOR’s first industry conference , a new  adviser magazine …oh, and a little piece of legislation called the  Pension Protection Act .  

Still, last weekend as I was preparing to pick my mother up at the airport for her first Thanksgiving visit with us in the northeast – and looking ahead to picking up my eldest at college today – I’m struck by just how much there is to be thankful for.  

First and foremost, I’m thankful for a loving and patient family – who must all too frequently endure the intrusions of my career-long passion for this field into our daily lives.  

I’m thankful for the home I have found at PLANSPONSOR , and the warmth with which its loyal readers have embraced me, as well as the many who have “discovered” us during the past seven years.  I’m thankful for all of you who have supported – and I hope benefited from – our various programs and communications throughout the year.

I’m thankful for the ability to make a positive contribution to the efforts of plan sponsors, advisers, and others who share my passion for the important work we do in helping provide for the retirement security of others.   I’m thankful that so many gifted professionals have committed themselves to being part of the solution to these issues.    

I’m also thankful for having found – so early in my working life – an area about which I could care so deeply, and which provides so much fulfillment, personally and professionally.

Finally, I’m thankful for the protections our democratic form of government affords us all; for the courage and selflessness of those, past and present, who have been willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to preserve those freedoms; and for the grace of a benevolent God in giving us all so much for which to be thankful at this special time of year.

Thank you !