Ingenix Solution Helps Employers Manage Health Care Costs

May 21, 2010 ( - Ingenix is launching TrendView, a desktop solution designed to help companies better understand and manage employee medical costs.

Ingenix TrendView provides graphical views of consolidated employee benefits usage, enables scenario modeling, and uncovers opportunities for reducing medical costs and improving employee health, according to a press release. The online tool converts employee health claims data from multiple sources — including multiple health plans serving employees — into easy-to-understand visual reports.   

Employers can also use Ingenix TrendView to perform “what if” scenarios to see how changes to their health benefit plans could affect overall medical costs.   

The solution includes eight tabbed screens:

  • Summary: Provides an at-a-glance view of the key drivers behind a company’s medical costs.
  • Enrollment: Shows changes in the number of employees participating in each health plan a company offers, plus key demographic data for participating employees and their dependents.
  • Financial: Highlights core cost metrics and trends, such as the medical and prescription benefits paid per employee.
  • Scenario Analysis: Enables employers to model the cost impact of proposed changes to their health benefit plans before they make a change.
  • Conditions: Provides a visual image of the most common employee medical diagnoses as well as the number of employees receiving care for those conditions and the health benefits paid per employee per condition.
  • Pharmacy: Highlights key factors contributing to employee prescription drug costs, such as the split between brand-name vs. generic medications and retail vs. mail-order prescriptions.
  • Inpatient: Provides a visual image of the most common types of employee hospital admissions, such as for surgery, and the resulting hospital charges by admission type.
  • Outpatient: Highlights the types of outpatient services used by employees, the health benefits paid by service type and the number of employees receiving each type of care.

The announcement said Ingenix TrendView is suited for companies with 2,000 to 10,000 employees that offer multiple health plans, and for health plan management brokers and consultants serving mid-size employers.  

For more information, visit, or call 800-765-6713.