Inova Payroll Forms Partnership with DCM Financial Partners

February 10, 2012 ( – Inova Payroll partnered with DCM Financial Partners Ltd. to offer customized 401(k) plans.

The new plans are designed to help businesses reduce or defer costs, maximize retirement wealth and gain tax savings advantages.

Through the plans, business owners and participants will receive consultation through personal meetings, webinars and other communications. Plan participants will have 24/7 access to an online forum that includes tips, advice, FAQs, forms and other information to help them maximize their contributions and manage their personal retirement strategy.

“This partnership enables us to provide well-designed, scalable 401(k) plans to help our clients offer cost-effective retirement benefits for their employees, as well as to maximize owner contributions for the future,” said Farsheed Ferdowsi, president and CEO of Inova Payroll.