Institutional Investors To Gain New NASDAQ Trading Info

January 18, 2002 ( - Institutional investors will soon be able to access additional market data with the expected mid-March launch of the Nasdaq PostData computer system.

Broker/dealers and institutional investors will be able to turn to Nasdaq PostData for the following trading data reports:

  • daily share-volume in selected Nasdaq securities from the prior trading day
  • Monthly Volume Summaries ranking the top 50 market participants by industry sector, security type, or total and block volume
  •  Daily Issue Data that provide a summary of the previous day’s activity for every Nasdaq issue, including price, total shares outstanding, and dividend data.

Because PostData will be housed in a secure section of a Nasdaq Web site, market officials will require a security password to access it.

Market officials said data in these reports, except the Daily Issue Data Report, should be the most accurate available because it is from information obtained from the Nasdaq Automated Confirmation Transaction Service, Nasdaq’s trading system.