Internet Popular for HR Product/Services Purchase Guidance

June 7, 2007 ( - Employers most often ask their peers when making purchasing decisions about human resources products and services, but they are increasingly looking to the Internet to find this information as well, according to a recent survey.

The survey by found that 42.9% of respondents turned to their peers when looking for guidance on HR product purchases, compared to 26.1% who used the Internet. The third ranked resource was a favorite HR informational Web site (14.3%).

In terms of which search engines respondents used, Google was by far the most often used by HR buyers who search for HR information online. A distant second and third were Yahoo! and MSN, respectively. In terms of frequency, about 46% said they used the Internet daily to search for HR-related information, while about 35% said they did so once or twice a week.

“The Internet has drastically altered how HR professionals purchase technology and services, says Kevin Grossman, chief operating officer of, in the press release.

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