Investment Firm Releases ETF Managed Portfolio

January 7, 2004 ( - Main Management LLC has put a new twist to asset management, putting together managed portfolios based exclusively on exchanged-traded funds (ETF).

The introduction of the ETF portfolio represents a departure from traditional money management portfolios that select individual stocks.   Rather, Main has launched a new approach to outperforming the S&P with lower risks and lower costs than traditional money management models, the San Francisco-based investment firm said in a news release.

An ETF is an investment company with shares that trade intraday on stock exchanges at market-determined prices. Investors may buy or sell ETF shares through a broker just as they would the shares of any publicly traded company (See Black Box: Exchange-Traded Funds).

Main was established in 2002 by Jim Concidine , former Montgomery Securities partner, R. Stephen Doyle, the founder of Montgomery Asset Management and Richard Fredericks, former partner from Montgomery Securities. The firm currently has $100 million in assets under management.

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