Investment Team Changes Made at Janus

January 24, 2006 ( - Gary Black, CEO and CIO of Janus Capital Group, has announced new portfolio management appointments.

In a press release, Janus announced the following changes:

  • Jonathan Coleman, portfolio manager of Janus Enterprise Fund, and David Decker, portfolio manager of Janus Contrarian Fund, have been named co-Chief Investment Officers for Janus’ U.S. equity growth and core investment disciplines.   In these new positions, Coleman and Decker will continue managing their respective funds and act as “player-coaches” in overseeing Janus’ growth and core portfolio managers.
  • David Corkins, portfolio manager of Janus Mercury Fund, has been appointed portfolio manager of the company’s flagship Janus Fund, replacing Blaine Rollins.
  • Janus Mercury Fund, formerly run by Corkins, will be managed by Janus’ research team, led by Director of Research Jim Goff.
  • Blaine Rollins, former portfolio manager of Janus Fund, will replace Ron Sachs as portfolio manager of Janus Triton Fund, a small- and mid-cap growth fund introduced in February 2005.   Sachs will continue to manage Janus Orion Fund, a multi-cap growth fund he’s run since its inception in 2000.

The new appointments will be effective February 1, 2006.