IRRC Releases Proxy 'Scorecard'

May 19, 2003 ( - The Investor Responsibility Research Center (IRRC) has announced the availability of a Web-based "Scorecard" on three proxy issues this season: global warming, CEO compensation and classified boards.

The “Scorecard” presents separate, issue-by-issue summary information, 2003proxy votes (by company and date), and comparative figures from 2002. Thepercentage of the shares voted for the resolutions will be updated in realtime as the information becomes available.

During the 2003 proxy season, 26 global warming resolutions have beenfiled, up from 21 in 2002; 322 related to CEO compensation have been submitted, up from 166 in 2002; and 56 resolutions related to classified boards have been filed, up from 51 in the previous year.

Data used for the “Scorecard” will be derived from research conducted by IRCC.   The three-issue “Scorecard is available at .