Is Your Boss “Lost”?

September 9, 2010 ( – Although workers recently surveyed gave their bosses high marks in some areas, most picked Jacob from "Lost" as the TV boss most like their own because “you're never really sure where he is, what he wants and what he has in store for you.”

The CareerBuilder survey found nearly one-third (31%) of workers said they feel they can do their bosses’ job better, while 60% said they don’t feel their boss could do their jobs.  

Bosses earned high marks from workers when it came to being open to different work arrangements, taking time to listen and providing resources. Seventy-two percent of workers said their bosses do a good job offering flexibility; 69% feel their bosses listen to their ideas and concerns; and 68% said their bosses provide them with the resources need to do their job effectively, according to a press release.  

Some workers reported they find the relationship with their boss challenging due to a lack of focus on career development, feedback and support. Sixty-one percent of workers said they feel their bosses do a poor job grooming them to move up in the organization; 45% said their bosses do a poor job of providing regular and consistent feedback; and 34% said their bosses could back them up better.  

The top ten bosses workers said remind them most of their own include: 

  • Jacob from “Lost” – you’re never really sure where he is, what he wants and what he has in store for you  
  • Judge Judy from “Judge Judy” – no nonsense and is fair when making decisions  
  • MacGyver from “MacGyver” – resourceful and can fix any situation  
  • Jack Donaghy from “30 Rock” – likeable and a corporate guy, through and through  
  • Oprah Winfrey from “Oprah” – very influential and informative  
  • Simon Cowell from “American Idol” – judgmental and insulting  
  • MacGruber from “Saturday Night Live” – terrible with managing projects and deadlines, causing everything to blow up around him  
  • Michael Scott from “The Office” – bumbling and idiotic  
  • Leslie Knope from “Parks and Recreation” – believes her job is more important than it probably is  
  • Donald Trump from “The Apprentice” – demanding and powerful 


The CareerBuilder survey was conducted among more than 4,400 workers nationwide between May 18 and June 3, 2010.