Editorial Comment: The Meaning of Downsizing

Every election year has to have a theme, and thanks to Pat Buchanan, 1996 has found one: corporate downsizing. Politicians have rushed to take their turn at finding a message in mass layoffs, plant shutdowns, and the wave of anxiety they produce in workaday voters.Pension sponsors, the beneficial owners of much of the large US…

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The budget-balancing debate hits the federal employees' retirement plans
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Lifting the Equity Bans

This year, three big state employee retirement plans hope to end century-old bans on equity investing. One has legislative approval, and two are pending.
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Negative Trend

State governments are bringing health insurance costs down-but not for retirees and their spouses.
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Gender Gap

Women are still more likely than men to retire without an adequate benefits package. The culprits: Lower wages, shorter employment periods, and exclusion from many jobs covered by...
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GICs’ Metamorphosis

Once-stodgy guaranteed investment contracts now come in new forms-and with more risk. But while they may be better investments for a retirement portfolio, they take a lot more...
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Breach of Duty

Unisys case raises questions about how much protection 404(c) really offers
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Economies of Scale

Small companies join forces to buy better quality, lower price DC services