December 2000

Meet the Innovators

Retirement plan innovation has many faces. PlanSponsor gives center stage to several of them.

Hacking Around

Do Internet vandals really pose a threat to recordkeeping data you have placed online for participants? Sure. Especially when the perpetrators are your officemates.

Innovators’ Dilemma

Why promote daring solutions in a profession that demands prudence? The answer is that innovation and prudence can advance hand in hand

Bitter Pill?

Legislation to help retirees keep their health benefits could hurt more than help

Break Up To Make Up?

AT&T's restructuring was influenced by complaints from New York pension officials, observers say

Executive Decision

Court takes RJR to task for purchasing Executive Life annuity

Halting the Hackers

As more and more retirement plan data hit cyberspace, sponsors need to keep up with the latest precautions to ensure privacy and prevent online pilfering

Riding Inflation’s Waves

Equity markets are cooling and the CPI-U is rising. Are inflation-indexed bonds the way to go?

Strike Up The Bond

Why plans that have been riding the bull market may wish to explore more stable seating

Mild Medicine?

Will new regulations governing small-plan assets really add meaningful protection?

Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood

"My advice is to get into a commodity index fund: That will be a great place for years to come"

Help Wanted

Best practices for HR professionals wanting to hire and keep good talent

Jerry Sexton

Former advertising agency executive, 65