December 2002

Courting Mid-Size Plans

Smaller, growing companies are no longer satisfied with the old plan-in-a-box offerings

War Stories

We all have them: Those front-line experiences

Lending Logic

There are a number of different ways to lend securities. Plan sponsors need to know them all

Not Catching On

Complicated rules, market volatility, and poor awareness slow utilization of new "catch-up" provisions

Terrorist Tactics

Some large public funds are anxious their portfolios might include companies with investments in terrorist states

Birth Control Battle

Do companies discriminate by not offering coverage for contraceptives? A court case could decide

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Corporate funds soon will face pressure to stop counting pension gains as income, S&P official says

Divining Line

DoL stand draws concern of recordkeepers, directed trustees

The Best Of Both Worlds

How benefits changes helped Quebecor World create a one-company culture after a big merger

Solo “Flight”

EGTRRA's higher limits make 401(k) viable for single-employee firms