February 1999

SEC to Probe Pay-To-Play

Rules similar to those already in place for municipal securities dealers could be in the offing for public fund officials

Cash Balancing Act

How to make a much misunderstood benefit more rewarding for employees of all ages

How Public Plans Are Using the Web

The World Wide Web can be a great resource for retirement systems looking for cheap ways to answer a wide range of questions from participants without having to mobilize an army of telephone representatives.

Don Armstrong

Pension rights volunteer and retired General Motors engineer, 70

Cash Balance

Consider a cash-balance solution before packing in your defined benefit plan

Value Large-Cap Equity (Separate) cont’d

 Total Return (Peer Rank) Firm NameQtr1-yr5-yrAssets ($mil) (12/31/97)5-yr Info Ratio5-yr BetaDavid L Babson Lg Cap Val Eq Comp-7.86(1)3.60(3)17.23(5)81710.210.81David L Babson Val Eq-17.56(9)-7.07(8)17.02(5)16840.201.05Banc One Inc Eq Style-8.75(2)7.84(2)18.38(3)9200.450.86Banc One Lg Company Val...

Straight Talk on Cash Balance

Employees need to know that cash-balance plans are not the enemy; the culprit is bad plan design. To suggest otherwise does workers a disservice

Market Neutral Managers

Plan sponsors and hedge strategies have a brilliant future together, if you ask Hill and Wood

Building a Perfect Plan

Building a perfect plan will always be an elusive goal, but an important part of our mandate at Plan Sponsor is to communicate how the most far-sighted pension funds are resolving challenges and problems common to all plans, large and small.

The Perfect Waiver

The most straightforward way to increase participation in a defined contribution plan is to juice up the benefits.

Efficiency Expert

Connie Magnuson, CEO of Northern Trust Retirement Consulting

Squeezing Value From Bonds

Sponsors are embracing high-yield investing and alternative benchmark approaches in order to get more bang from their bonds

Robin Hood In Reverse?

When profit-sharing plans, 401(k)s, and section 415 of the IRS Code do not mix

“Windows” and the Fiduciary

Self-directed 401(k) brokerage options seem destined to become more popular 401(k) add-ons. What is the risk involved?

Small Plan Vendors

At a time when many have seen fit to walk away from the small 401(k) plan market, some familiar names are stepping up to the plate.

Suing Over Managed Care

New ruling suggests HMOs may no longer be able to hide behind ERISA's skirts