January 1996

Blending Risk and Return

After the derivatives debacles of the last year and an half, many plan sponsors are adding new portfolio evaluation software that combines risk measurement with return analysis.

Investing With a Conscience

Socially conscious investing has lost support since apartheid ended. But it is not dead yet. Here's the debate on whether plans can or should introduce political or ethical issues in investment decisions.

No Loss-Leader

Why technology, competition may change pricing for recordkeeping services

Going On-line

DC plans see the Internet as a communications tool and cost-saver

Why In-House Asset Management Still Makes Sense

In-house asset management is a fading fashion at most pension funds. But increasing disenchantment with outside active managers' performance-and fees-is leading some large plans to buck the trend.

Double Whammy

Self-insured ERISA health plans are not exempt from state insurance laws, an appeals court says in the Travelers case.

Giving Good Weight

Gold makes a comeback, as a diversifier for international portfolios