July 1999

The Young and the Restless

The benefits department, once a corporate stepchild, is taking a major leap forward in prominence by luring hot new recruits for leading-edge firms

Jacqueline Dyer

Resource Teacher/Retirement Board Trustee, 67

Equity or Bust

A new Spectrem Group report finds increasing numbers of participants betting their savings on equities

Paper-Less Is More

The APPWP would like to see the Department of Labor expand existing rules regarding paperless transactions

Auditing the Auditors

An SEC report on the quality of corporate financial auditing recommends sophistication, independence and financial literacy, and should address some governance concerns

BARRA after Rudd

Andrew Rudd, BARRA's founder, gave the Berkeley-based firm its panache. His successor will likely have to better toe the corporate line.

Bucking the Trend

How Compuware Corporation decided to adopt a bundled approach for its 401(k) and ESOP programs-and ended up saving a bundle.

What Belongs In-House?

These days, larger plan sponsors like Sears find it easier and cheaper to handle part of their benefits administration burden at home

Benchmarking Your 401(k) Plan

TPlan sponsors have often determined the efficiency of their 401(k) plans by looking at cost. A new method looks at value and compares it to like sponsors.

The Equalizer

Ready or not, institutional fund structures and pricing are poised to transform the defined contribution marketplace

It’s Quality of Execution, Stupid!

Growth funds surged ahead of value portfolios as a slow global economy put quashed returns for cyclical companies to the advantage of reliable earnings leaders

Poised on the Hedge

Hedge fund consultants and managers report more requests for information from pension funds, but the going is slow

PBGC: Clarify Hybrid Rules

The increased popularity and prevalence of cash balance plans has the PBGC looking at ways to clarify IRS and ERISA rules affecting these plans

Proprietary Problems

A lawsuit against First Union will determine whether forcing employees to "shop at the company store" for their 401(k) options is, in fact, illegal

Escaping Discrimination Tests

SmithKline Beecham has found a way to avoid discrimination testing while retaining an attractive, after-tax investment program for its employees

Solving the Advice Riddle

Nissan Motor Manufacturing finds a solution to the "advice" conundrum, courtesy of SSGA

The Elder-Care Crisis

With federal programs in distress, escalating long-term health-care costs paint a grim picture for future retirees. What sponsors are doing to help.

HMO Check-Up

What is a plan sponsor to do when an HMO charges too much? Just ask the California Public Employees' Retirement System

All Roads Lead to ERISA

Providing investment advice to participants is certainly becoming more prolific among plan sponsors. How can sponsors protect themselves from liability?