The Young and the Restless

The benefits department, once a corporate stepchild,
is taking a major leap forward in prominence by luring hot
new recruits for leading-edge firms

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Equity or Bust

A new Spectrem Group report finds increasing numbers of participants betting their savings on equities
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Paper-Less Is More

The APPWP would like to see the Department of Labor expand existing rules regarding paperless transactions
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Auditing the Auditors

An SEC report on the quality of corporate financial auditing recommends sophistication, independence and financial literacy, and should address some governance concerns
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BARRA after Rudd

Andrew Rudd, BARRA's founder, gave the Berkeley-based firm its panache. His successor will likely have to better toe the corporate line.
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Bucking the Trend

How Compuware Corporation decided to adopt a bundled approach for its 401(k) and ESOP programs-and ended up saving a bundle.
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What Belongs In-House?

These days, larger plan sponsors like Sears find it easier and cheaper to handle part of their benefits administration burden at home
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Benchmarking Your 401(k) Plan

TPlan sponsors have often determined the efficiency of their 401(k) plans by looking at cost. A new method looks at value and compares it to like sponsors.
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The Equalizer

Ready or not, institutional fund structures and pricing are poised to transform the defined contribution marketplace
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It’s Quality of Execution, Stupid!

Growth funds surged ahead of value portfolios as a slow global economy put quashed returns for cyclical companies to the advantage of reliable earnings leaders
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Poised on the Hedge

Hedge fund consultants and managers report more requests for information from pension funds, but the going is slow
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PBGC: Clarify Hybrid Rules

The increased popularity and prevalence of cash balance plans has the PBGC looking at ways to clarify IRS and ERISA rules affecting these plans
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Proprietary Problems

A lawsuit against First Union will determine whether forcing employees to "shop at the company store" for their 401(k) options is, in fact, illegal
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Escaping Discrimination Tests

SmithKline Beecham has found a way to avoid discrimination testing while retaining an attractive, after-tax investment program for its employees
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Solving the Advice Riddle

Nissan Motor Manufacturing finds a solution to the "advice" conundrum, courtesy of SSGA
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The Elder-Care Crisis

With federal programs in distress, escalating long-term health-care costs paint a grim picture for future retirees. What sponsors are doing to help.
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HMO Check-Up

What is a plan sponsor to do when an HMO charges too much? Just ask the California Public Employees' Retirement System
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All Roads Lead to ERISA

Providing investment advice to participants is certainly becoming more prolific among plan sponsors. How can sponsors protect themselves from liability?