July 2000

En Garde

401(k)-related class actions are no longer the anomaly they once were. And a market correction could come at any time. How can sponsors shield themselves from participant lawsuits? Let us count the ways

Style Purity

Why it matters to plan sponsors more than ever


It can be left to philosophers to debate whether the law is an embodiment of the ideal, or rules which men make up to solve the practical problems of the moment.

Boost for Pension Reform

The Portman/Cardin pension reform package has new life—now that there is new money to spend

The Ultimate Cleanup

Alaska's Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trust Fund will commingle its assets with the State Treasury under an unusual state and federal government agreement

Slowly But Surely

Should plan sponsors concern themselves with trading costs? Only if they want to keep plan assets from dribbling away...

Hooking Gen Y

How to get young workers to appreciate your 401(k) plan

Model Behavior

A black box can become Pandora's box, if plan sponsors do not also use their brains

Not My Style

Why Tiger- and Quantum-type strategies never made the cut with many sponsors

Robbing Retirees?

The Treasury Department wonders whether lump-sum payments are unfair to early retirees

Rebalancing Act

The newest addition to GW's endowment team is rebalancing, removing emerging markets, and generally rejiggering the fund

The Co-Employer Route

Who consults about consultants? Jennifer Cooper does, and not everyone will be happy with what her investigations are turning up

Clear Conscience

Sue Stevens is the director of financial planning for Chicago-based Morningstar, where she handles regulatory and tax issues for the company's online advice product, ClearFuture, and helps the organization make sure its features are relevant to participants' needs