June 1994

Ontario Teachers Hit the Ice

In search of opportunities for its fledgling special situations portfolio, a pension fund buys a piece of the national pastime.

Nestle, Watch Out!

A Swiss financier wants to turn US plan sponsors into European corporate activists

Radical Surgery

The cost to prefund retiree medical benefits is soaring. To deal with the problem, most companies are drastically downsizing their benefits packages.

See You In Court!

Cutting current retirees' benefits can create a legal minefield.

Coming Home to Roost

A new plan to relieve the DC Retirement Board's financial crisis is now before Congress. But critics say legislators and district officials still refuse to attack the system's long-term problems.

Debating Cyclicality

Credit small cap stocks with an impressive long-term performance. But extra volatility, and widespread belief that the market is cyclical, are likely to keep some investors out.

Targeting Taft-Hartley Funds

Outside vendors are bringing a new, more formal approach to Taft-Hartley funds' search for labor-sensitive investments

Back to their Roots

Farmland used to evoke little more than scary headlines about foreclosures. Now, some pension funds are taking a look.

After the Honeymoon

Post-apartheid South Africa is beckoning institutional investors. But between fiduciary constraints and future uncertainties, most pension sponsors are going slow.

Pennsylvania Sets Up Shop

The state Treasury's new tuition installment payment service is a first-of-its-kind plunge into money management for a state government-and a challenge to established private vendors.

Prepayment Puzzler

Regulators frown on some ESOP loan prepayments after a sponsoring company is acquired. Recent, ambiguous Labor Department and IRS rulings add one more gray area for plan sponsors to contend with.

401(k)s Go Global at Last

Until this year, 401(K) participants were slow to sign up for global and international fund options. Now this is changing-right in the middle of a global downswing.

Life After Severance

Continuing participation in the employer's 401(k) is a popular severance package perk. But the IRS appears to be taking a dim view of the practice.

San Diego’s Derivatives Plunge

The fund effected a pioneering in-house index replication program in February, and followed it up by allocating 2% of assets to a new managed futures portfolio.

Fallout on MP’s Pensions

Canadian lawmakers are committed to cutting back their own cushy pension scheme. The only questions now are how far, and how fast.

Politicians’ Pensions in Different Countries

Last summer, the Big Three automakers tried and failed to secure concessions from the UAW on their lavish health benefits. But mounting pressures from rival producers make it imperative that they keep looking for savings.

A Closer Look at ADRs

ADR transaction volume is mushrooming. But there are reasons why sophisticated investors stick to underlying issues.

Package Deal

Traders say they are seeing more sophisticated pension sponsors doing international portfolio trades. But the field is dominated by just a few firms with the necessary technology and analytics.

Out With the Old

Some fast-growing foundations and endowments are rethinking their custody relationships. Cozy regional ties are out-size, efficiency, and a wider range of services are in.