May 1995

CEO, Superstar

Based on numbers alone, the conclusion is inescapable: US corporate boards love their CEOs-and have been showing it more and more over the last decade and a half.

Cleaning Up and Cleaning Out

After slashing staff at the Connecticut public pension funds, new state treasurer Christopher Burnham has more sweeping changes in mind.

Justices lay Curtiss-Wright to rest…

Supreme Court decision in the longstanding case is good news for companies that want to amend or cancel pension and benefits plans.

…and Narrows Withdrawal Liabilities

Companies that stop contributing to underfunded Taft-Hartley plans will owe a year less of interest on their withdrawal liability.

Brave New World

Many ways are available to measure change in the retirement benefits field-number of plans or amount of assets in those plans, for example. But one set of numbers above all tells the story of how retirement saving in the private sector has been transformed over the last 20 years.

Participant Education Pays

nvestment education is not just a good service for plan participants. It can also be one of the most effective ways to increase participation in your 401(k).

New Menu for Public Funds

Public pension systems need to cut costs and cope with an increasingly mobile workforce. Many see the answer in hybrid structures that combine elements of defined benefit and defined contribution plans.

Canada’s Pension Shift

The same forces propelling the shift from defined benefit to defined contribution plans in the US are producing a similar effect in Canada. But up north, the change has been more abrupt.

Profile: Nicholas Lopardo

The editors of Plan Sponsor award two annual investment management citations: the Defined Benefit and the Defined Contribution Manager of the year, in the May and October issues respectively. The awards recognize success in asset-gathering as well as the delivery of innovative and consistent products to the marketplace.

US Investors Favor Asia

US investors favor emerging Asia in heavy 1994 international equity buying

Survey Says

Study finds that public funds pay the lowest money management fees

401(k) Loans

Employers create new restrictions in battle to reduce costs

Credit Derivatives

A new way to make some risky instruments investible?

Improving Performance

How TQM can help improve the performance you get from your investment managers