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Faster Growth Ahead

A new report analyzes the rise of alternative investments
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More Room for ERISA Litigation

The Supreme Court's Varity decision could force sponsors to run plans-especially those that contain company stock-more cautiously, experts say.
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Round Two

Congressional supporters have not given up on the pension reversions proposal
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CALPERS Maps Its Future

A new strategic plan sets out a laundry list of projects for this year, from performance benchmarks to providing members with financial planning software.
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Raw Deal, or Sour Grapes?

Groups of United flight attendants and Ohio public school teachers are taking action to reverse reduced pension benefits.
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Retirement Plan Myths

Workers today have more options to plan and save for retirement than ever before. But they are not using them to their full potential
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Encouraging Workers to Save More

Personal saving is becoming more important as preparation for retirement. Aggressive employee education can be as effective as a high employer match at improving saving rates.
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The Psychology of Saving

Irrational factors often guide individuals' money decisions. Successful retirement savings programs must foster self-control.
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Schuller International Thrift Plan

In planning an employee communication and education campaign, be sure to set definite goals. And remember to first train the trainers.
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Alliances Sharpen Their Attack

Large and mid-sized defined contribution plans want multi-family investment options. They also want administration and recordkeeping tailored to their specialized needs. Increasingly, they are getting these from alliances.
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University Endowments Invest in Hedge Funds

"We're not allowed to say the `H' word," confirms Jay Yoder, an investment analyst at the $380 million Vassar College endowment. In the ivory tower world of endowment...
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Early Warnings

PBGC initiates stricter policy on spin-offs that create pension underfundings
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Alpha GICs

Why swapping market returns for managers' alpha is not catching on