May 1996

The Future of Saving

To talk people into doing what profits them most should be easy when you have good old-fashioned virtue on your side. But is it? Take saving-an old-fashioned virtue if ever there was one.

Faster Growth Ahead

A new report analyzes the rise of alternative investments

More Room for ERISA Litigation

The Supreme Court's Varity decision could force sponsors to run plans-especially those that contain company stock-more cautiously, experts say.

Round Two

Congressional supporters have not given up on the pension reversions proposal

CALPERS Maps Its Future

A new strategic plan sets out a laundry list of projects for this year, from performance benchmarks to providing members with financial planning software.

Raw Deal, or Sour Grapes?

Groups of United flight attendants and Ohio public school teachers are taking action to reverse reduced pension benefits.

Retirement Plan Myths

Workers today have more options to plan and save for retirement than ever before. But they are not using them to their full potential

Encouraging Workers to Save More

Personal saving is becoming more important as preparation for retirement. Aggressive employee education can be as effective as a high employer match at improving saving rates.

The Psychology of Saving

Irrational factors often guide individuals' money decisions. Successful retirement savings programs must foster self-control.

Schuller International Thrift Plan

In planning an employee communication and education campaign, be sure to set definite goals. And remember to first train the trainers.

Alliances Sharpen Their Attack

Large and mid-sized defined contribution plans want multi-family investment options. They also want administration and recordkeeping tailored to their specialized needs. Increasingly, they are getting these from alliances.

Boston Partners: Desi Heathwood & Bill Carter: Plan Sponsor Defined Benefit Managers of the Year

Plan Sponsor's Defined Benefit Manager of the Year award recognizes achievement that sets a manager apart from its peers. The award is given not just for superior performance. It also honors superior asset-gathering skills and superior client-relationship management, and thus, in the view of the editors of Plan Sponsor, indicates the firm's potential to serve its institutional customers well over the next five years.

University Endowments Invest in Hedge Funds

"We're not allowed to say the `H' word," confirms Jay Yoder, an investment analyst at the $380 million Vassar College endowment. In the ivory tower world of endowment management, managers are mostly concerned with preserving capital. To overcome the perception of hedge funds as risky vehicles that could lead to big losses, officials often refer to them instead as "partnerships," "alternative investments," or "absolute return strategies," says Yoder, who was a senior analyst at consultant SEI Corporation before moving to academia in 1994. Yet Vassar allocates 12% of its endowment to four different "H" vehicles.

Early Warnings

PBGC initiates stricter policy on spin-offs that create pension underfundings

Alpha GICs

Why swapping market returns for managers' alpha is not catching on