May 2001

Caveat Vendor

Online advice is not flying off the shelves the way retirement service providers thought it would

Will On The Hill

Repairing the pension system is no longer a fringe issue...there is now sweeping bipartisan sentiment in support of efforts to fix a system desperately in need of repair

Long-term Hit

In May 1996, the St. Paul (Minnesota) Department of Employee Relations was directed by the state legislature to study whether the state should offer long-term care insurance to retiring state employees only.

Many Unhappy Returns

US pension plans experienced an average 10% decline in their funded positions in 2000

Seeking Objectivity

A proposed multimillion-dollar settlement involving First Union and its plan participants calls for the hiring of an independent investment consultant

Selling Low

Stock slump prods (k) plan participants to modest shifts toward

The Proxy Game

Retiree groups seek to reduce executive pay based on pension surplus

Penny Wise…

Why the NYSE's new decimalized trading system is far from perfect

School Days

Is your benefits package incomplete without a Section 529 college savings plan?

Portman Cardin Rides Again

With some minor changes and high hopes of passage, the definitive pension reform bill is back

New Alternatives For Smith

With a mandate to boost the endowment's alternatives allocation more than sixfold, Yoder focuses on absolute- return strategies

Miranda Act

Observers raise an eyebrow at NJ Treasurer nomination

Buying In Bulk

The National Association of Manufacturers really wants to get 401(k) participants in the door.

Filling The Seats

Online advice- the "hottest" new product in the 401(k) market-- is getting a tepid welcome from sponsors. But, providers still are determined to win your business with cost waivers and other enhancements.

Privacy And The Plan Sponsor

What are your obligations regarding monitoring of Net-based communication and other workplace privacy issues?

Reneé Summers, 67

Retired legal secretary, author's office manager, published poet