November 1997

Out of the Shadows

Attractive valuations and new strategies are giving fresh luster to bonds. Some pension plans, anxious about a jittery, weakened stock market, are taking a fresh look

The Pay-To-Play Controversy

Concerns about political contributions to public pension trustees by money managers prompt discussion of changes at CALPERS, CALSTERS

Washington’s New Lease on Life

In a restructuring, DC is surrendering nearly three-quarters of its pension assets to Uncle Sam. In return, it gets a new start as a fully funded plan

Early Retirement on Trial

The Supreme Court will decide if workers can sue for age discrimination-even if they took an early retirement package and promised not to sue

Mutual Fund Mergers

Why a hot M&A market for fund providers is no big deal to most DC plan sponsors

Don’t Walk, Surf

Web sites provide performance rankings, online RFPs, and note-comparing capability

Losing ACT

The new UK budget abolishes the advance corporation tax credit-and spurs some sponsors to reconsider offering pensions at all

Envelopes, Please

T. Rowe Price takes top honors in four categories of the Plan Sponsor 1997 Defined Contribution Services Survey

Empowerment Balancing Act

Large corporate 401(k) plans balance the need to turn employees into long-term investors with the urge to protect them from making wrong decisions: A Roundtable with four CIEBA members

Narrow Focus

Some equity managers concentrate on their best ideas, packing portfolios into as few as 15 stocks

Managing Risk

Pension plans pay more attention to risk now, but boards still need to be more involved, study says

Basket Cases

Program trading lowers costs and speeds up execution. But developing a strategy is not easy