2006 PLANSPONSOR DC Survey: Brave New World

Not so long ago, plan sponsors seemed relatively
content with their providers, providers who were offering an
expanding array of services, and at prices that, if they
weren’t well understood, were nonetheless relatively
painless, certainly on a historical basis. Having shaken many
of the processing “bugs” out of the system—late checks,
inaccurate statements, and the ilk—and also having shaken out
many of the providers who lacked the commitment (or the
profits), we were now ready to go to the Next

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Survey Says

Have You Been Party to an Insensitive Communication?
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November 2006

Each month, Bells & Whistles highlights recent product introductions¬ that plan sponsors may find of interest.
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The Public Good

How the funding problems of public pension plans differ from private-sector plans—and why some think they should be run more like private plans
Head of the Class |

High Hopes

Is high yield a victim of its own success?
The Bottom Line |

Luck of the Draw?

With pension obligation bonds, success is all in the timing
Case Sensitive |

Stamped Act

Alfieri v. Guild Times Pension Plan
Voice |

Myth Information

Three myths about state and local government pension plans
Saxon Angle |

Encouraging Words

Proposed default investment rules encourage automatic enrollment
Just out of Reish |

The Right Focus

New-and proper-directions for retirement savings