October 1993

Latitude to Sue

Fears that a recent Supreme Court decision will make it harder for plan participants to sue could lead to sweeping legislation

CALPERS Searches For New CIO

Public fund investment chief will have greater direct management powers than his predecessor

A Win for Federal Pensioners

The Supreme Court says states must make good a 50-year-old disparity in taxation of federal retirees

Reluctant Internationalists

Smaller Canadian pension plans are not taking advantage of relaxed rules which raise their international ceiling to 20%

TIFF Supporters Turn Up Heat

Pooled investment group for foundations sets up a mutual fund group, presses Congress on enabling legislation

Back From the Brink

LTV's bankruptcy meant seven years of crisis for pensioners and the PBGC. The company's reemergence marks a major victory for the private pension insurance system.

Benefits Restored

The new LTV's pension structure actually provides somewhat better benefits than the old one. It also helps the company get better control of costs

Making GICs New Again

New-generation GICs are taking the defined contribution world by storm. But choosing the best structure is no simple task.

Who Wraps What, and Why

New-style GICs put the focus on flexibility, credit quality, and the provider's profile.

Local Hero

David Bronner, Alabama's public pension chief, is a maverick investor and political kingpin. How far will he go?

Timber Bulls

US timberland funds are harvesting profits like so much fresh pine. Some are already looking at other ways to make trees into money.

The Market-Neutral Move

Worried about what will happen when the bull equity market ceases to rage, some sponsors are taking a new look at market-neutral investing.

Taking the Fall

Were pension funds the fall guys of the real estate market's boom and bust? Maybe, if you look at the numbers.

The Fatal RFP

The hiring of six managers who did not meet its RFP standards has resulted in upheaval and a political battle for a big Massachusetts state pension fund.

Decade of the Upstart

Performance is slipping at Canada's big private money managers. Their pension clients are giving an ear to a new generation of challengers.

Deficit Reduction and You

The Clinton deficit reduction package affects pension beneficiaries in some unexpected ways, and raises new issues for plan sponsors.

Not Dead Yet

The European Pension Directive still has a chance to make it in 1993. If it doesn't, pension unification in the EC could be years away.

New Deal for Mexican Pensions

Multinationals with pension plans in Mexico are analyzing the impact of a new obligatory state-sponsored program.

DB Managers Come Calling

Despite hurdles, some institutional money managers are making inroads in the 401(k) marketplace.

Participant’s Preference

A new analytic tool, developed by JP Morgan Investment Management and four plan sponsors, attempts to quantify plan participants' priorities.

Competition On Education

Some 401(k) sponsors are looking to a new breed of independent providers to supply their employees with education and asset allocation tools.

Swapping for safety

Real estate swaps-the first one was completed this year-allow pension investors to more easily control their exposure to risky property markets.

Funds and Games

Foundations and endowments are using mutual funds to extend professional money management over as much of their portfolios as possible.


Prescription drugs are swallowing an ever-larger portion of plan sponsors' medical benefits budgets- especially for retiree coverage. Here are a few ways to cut costs.

Technology Play

University endowments are taking technology transfer investing one step beyond. But some voices are urging caution

Countdown to Market 2000

With a new chairman in place, the SEC is finally getting down to business on market reform. But in the growing debate, plan sponsors are in danger of not being heard

Taking Aim

CALPERS' corporate governance team produces a target list of a dozen "low-performing" companies to work with every year. Here is how they do it.

The Lure of Alliances

A plethora of total service alliances are vying to outsource plan sponsors' administrative chores, challenging what was once a mutual fund-dominated business.