October 2001

Mad as hell

Janet Krueger still spends part of every day thinking about how she can put right what she feels IBM set wrong back in 1999. That is the year the company converted its defined benefit plan to a cash balance formula. Krueger was part of a crusade that accomplished what many would have viewed as an impossibility; she helped lead a movement that convinced Big Blue to alter its pension strategy, broadening by 35,000 the number of individuals it would allow to opt out of the cash balance plan and stick with the old-style annuity plan. Ultimately, the traditional plan was offered to anyone who was older than 40 years of age and had more than 10 years of service at the time the plan was switched. However, three years after quitting a 23-year career as an IBM software consultant, Krueger is not satisfied.

Picking Up The Pieces

This is no time for false bravado. It is a time to seek out our friends, our families, and our religious and spiritual communities in order to express our fears, share our grief, and find our courage

Ellis’ Exit

Greenwich Associates' founder offers parting thoughts on three decades of investment management

The End Of Innocence

Recently, I headed to the wake of a friend who died at the World Trade Center. Our town in Connecticut suffered half a dozen such calamities-families that will never be whole again.

The Aftermath

Airlines are sending the wrong signal at a critical time

Compensation Crusade

Institutional investors campaigned hard to rein in CEO pay this proxy season

Digging Out

The World Trade Center attacks leave plan sponsors and their providers grappling with grief, loss, and a host of pension and benefits issues

Chatting Live

GoldK, Vanguard and, soon, Fidelity offer new Web-based chat capabilities

Sidebar:Sample Amendments Arrive On Time, But…

True to its word, the Internal Revenue Service has issued sample plan amendments for the pension provisions of EGTRRA, the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001.

Starting From Scratch

PLANSPONSOR polls start-ups and spinoffs in search of the Holy Grail: the perfect benefits package

Under The Microscope

Looking to head off potential investment or administrative problems, more public plans are conducting external oversight reviews

Playing Hard Ball

HMOs are seeking big rate hikes for 2002. Employers' options range from self-insurance to passing on more cost to employees

Cover My Pills

Add contraceptives to the list of benefits that employer-sponsored health-care plans must provide, says a federal court

The Feminine Mystique

Should employers alter their investment education materials to address women's distinctive habits?

Take My Money – Please!

A health-care system lets employees put their 401(k) and 403(b) investments on automatic pilot

Tricks Or Treats?

It's not "ghoulies and ghosties" that bedevil us today, it's viruses, worms, and modern "Trojan horses." Here is some help from the Web