September 1995

401(k) loans

Loans from defined contribution plans: good or bad?

Only the Lonely

Hoping to prevent another Executive Life, the DoL issues standards for choosing annuity providers.

Family Matters

New rules protect benefits accruals for employees who take leave for family care or military service.

Pensions East

On the eve of reunification with China, Hong Kong is trying to put in place a western-style private pension system.

Risky Business

Downside risk analysis is challenging standard deviation as the accepted way to measure risk in an investment portfolio. Devotees say it can yield signficant shifts in the structure of a portfolio.

Risk Management Marketplace

Experts may disagree about the effectiveness of downside risk analysis. But it is catching on fast with portfolio evaluation software vendors.

Storming the Ivory Tower

Defined contribution providers are eagerly tapping into the audience of savvy savers on state university faculties. But some public fund administrators fear this trend will undermine their defined benefit plans.

Secret of their Success

A stringent 1980 law has helped place Taft-Hartley plans among the best-funded us pension systems. But is it also making companies reluctant to join them?

Streamlining 5500s

Under the Gore plan, a task force will look at ways to simplify annual reports on private pensions and encourage electronic filing.

In Plain English

SEC green-lights a simplified prospectus for DC plans

Saving and Upgrading

More efficiently structured flex plans are enabling employers to add options and reduce costs at the same time.