September 1997

Social Investing or Censorship?

Constitutional challenges face a Texas law which prevents state funds from investing in record companies that purvey violent or sexist song lyrics.

This Year’s Models

Washington is not done yet: A year after the SIMPLE plan passed, congressional lawmakers are looking at a trio of innovative pension plans that seek to bridge the coverage gap.

Whitman’s Bruising POB Fight

The New Jersey governor pushed through a record $2.75 billion issue, only to face a lawsuit and a new issue for her next reelection campaign.

Prison Terms Begin for Pension Embezzlers

Former baseball star Denny McLain and a partner stole $2.5 million from a small pension plan. Now, the fund is suing the banks that held the assets.

Microsoft Loses Again

The Ninth Circuit confirms its decision that Microsoft wrongly denied benefits to a group of workers it claimed were "independent contractors."

Tom McMahon

Senior vice president of finance & administration, Pacific Maritime Association

The Lessons of UPS

Settlement of the highest-profile US labor-management conflict in years brings into focus some critical questions about the future of multiemployer pension plans, and about all pension plans as the bargaining tradeoffs between employees and management cut closer to the bone. Happily, it shows that the worst does not always have to happen.

The Rights Stuff

Major funding cuts have created a financial crisis for the Pension Rights Center. But director Karen Ferguson vows to persevere.

House Of Cards

A wave of ownership changes is hitting money management firms, knocking over many long-standing relationships. Plan sponsors are scrutinizing these deals more intensely than ever.

Securitizing Real Estate

REITs are changing real estate investment by making this volatile asset class look and act more like equities. But can they overcome pension investors' fears of another market crash?

Bargaining Abroad

International real estate is now more than just a gleam in pension sponsors' eyes. A few sophisticated funds are already making large commitments.

In The Driver’s Seat

Plans pursue private equity deals that give them more control, more favorable terms

Bon Voyage

Why the soaring US market has not dampened pension funds' ardor for international stocks

Windy City Dust-Up

Mayor and public employee unions square off over plan to free up future pension contributions

CALPERS Hits Cyberspace

An RFP that accepts responses over email scores a hit with money managers

Disclosure Dispute

Courts split over how much information plan administrators must disclose to participants

Balancing Act

Some plans design customized balanced options to keep their 401(k) asset allocations on track

Critical Mass

Why Union Carbide keeps 401(k) administration, recordkeeping in-house instead of outsourcing

Happy Hour

New drug cocktails are expensive, but could reduce disability, return AIDS patients to work