September 1999

Bridging the Gap

Thinking of altering your plan design to attract new blood, improve employee morale or simply bring your program up to date? Here's how to get the message across to your treasurer, CFO or CEO-without putting anyone in a headlock.

Talking to the Boss

Apparently even the prickliest CEOs find it hard to ignore sponsors toting hard data showing what employees want from their retirement plans--and what those things will cost

GMIMCo Makes Its Move

Allen Reed is CEO and president of General Motors Investment Management Corporation and runs some $100 billion-plus for the automotive giant. Now, it can be confirmed, he intends to hunt more elusive game--other people's money.

Challenging the Status Quo

Plan sponsors, increasingly educated and sophisticated, are demanding better service from private equity general partners when it comes to fees, transparency, and more.


As employers continue to recruit new workers in an ever-tightening labor market, their benefits offerings are becoming a more integral part of the compensation/incentive pie.

Bob Shaw

Devoutly spontaneous for much of his life, Bob Shaw never anticipated he would become the retirement planner he is today.

Here We Go Again

Microsoft maintains it will only do business with employment agencies that offer a minimum level of benefits to temps-including a retirement plan match

No More Secrets

The Clinton Administration is pitching its own disclosure rules for sponsors undertaking pension plan conversions

COBRA Guidelines, Finally

Plan sponsors have been waiting 14 years for final COBRA guidelines. The latest rules are set to take effect January 1. Are they worth the wait?

Benefits Research Roundup

As employers continue to recruit new workers in an ever-tightening labor market, their benefits offerings are becoming a more integral part of the compensation/incentive pie.

Brewing Education

Peet's Coffee endures the growing pains of educating a young workforce about retirement savings

A Diamon in the Rough

Union Carbide has consistently outperformed the S&P over the last decade. Other plan sponsors might want a word with Michael Hoben

Feeling the Strain

While the core of US pension law receives high marks for its fiduciary standards, vesting and funding protections, experts say that, at the ripe old age of 25, ERISA's accomplishments fall short of the best hopes of its framers.

New and Improved

Commingled real estate funds now boast performance-based fees, enhanced exit strategies and other new attractions

Playing a New Role

The PBGC's handling of the Pan Am case may give the federal pension guarantor a new fiduciary role

The One-Stop Shop

Plan sponsors using multiple vendors to handle their defined contribution and defined benefit plans may be forfeiting time and money

Big Changes at Big Blue

IBM's new retiree health strategy is taking criticism, but the company says it beats what the competition offers-nothing at all

Trickle-Down Effect?

The Supreme Court of Canada has expanded the definition of "spouse" to include same-sex partners. Will it alter the thinking here at home?

The Role of the DC Advisor

Why a little bit of help can go a long way toward helping sponsors to build and effectively manage their mid-size retirement programs

Getting a Grip on 401(k) Fees

The DoL has given its seal of approval to a new disclosure form, and guaranteed that for now, at least, providers can disclose such data on a voluntary basis

Temporary Turbulence

Why Rep. Lane wants to alter ERISA and prevent companies from discriminating against workers by classifying them as temps