September 2002

Still Shining Bright

Surprise, surprise—investment consultants are more important than ever before

The Cult Of Sales

Things don't get fixed when they ain't broke, so it takes a crisis of sorts to change the way business is done

More Or Less?

The unintended consequences of expensing stock options

Comings And Goings

Transition manager planning its own "transition"? Barclays keeps BGI

Savings Grace?

A new poll finds that more than half of employers with at least 100 workers have not implemented EGTRRA changes to their retirement savings plan.

Juggling Priorities

The news is full of stories about retirees falling short of their income goals due to flawed planning. Here's what employers can do to change that

Laying Off Liability

Share prices in a nose-dive, some sponsors look to independent fiduciaries

Private Eye

How to pick out winners when so many are losing in private equity

Historical Accident

Were stocks' spectacular returns in the 1990s the product of market conditions that will never repeat themselves?

Wave Of The Future?

As options expensing catches on, experts question its impact on pension portfolios and compensation packages

Taking Care of Long-Term Care

As a Medicaid funding crisis looms, public employers are spearheading an expansion of LTC insurance

Leave It To The Boss

At 7-Eleven, a trustee—not plan participants—makes the 401(k) investment decisions

Show Me The Money

Late contributions can put plan sponsors in hot water

Credit Worthy

Saver's Credit a "win-win" for plan sponsors and workers

Marguita Fox

74, Retired coordinator of countywide services for the aging

Profile: John Biggs and Tom Jones, TIAA-CREF

John Biggs left a home he loved in St. Louis when he took a job in New York as president of Teachers Insurance Annuity Association-College Retirement Equities Fund in 1989. But he does not regret the decision. TIAA-CREF is "the most interesting company in the country for a bird's eye view of what's happening in America," he says.