Still Shining Bright

Surprise, surprise—investment consultants are more
important than ever before

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One Less To Trust?

Deutsche Bank search for master trust buyer said nearing end
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Savings Grace?

A new poll finds that more than half of employers with at least 100 workers have not implemented EGTRRA changes to their retirement savings plan.
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Juggling Priorities

The news is full of stories about retirees falling short of their income goals due to flawed planning. Here's what employers can do to change that
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Laying Off Liability

Share prices in a nose-dive, some sponsors look to independent fiduciaries
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Private Eye

How to pick out winners when so many are losing in private equity
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Historical Accident

Were stocks' spectacular returns in the 1990s the product of market conditions that will never repeat themselves?
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Wave Of The Future?

As options expensing catches on, experts question its impact on pension portfolios and compensation packages
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Taking Care of Long-Term Care

As a Medicaid funding crisis looms, public employers are spearheading an expansion of LTC insurance
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Leave It To The Boss

At 7-Eleven, a trustee—not plan participants—makes the 401(k) investment decisions
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Show Me The Money

Late contributions can put plan sponsors in hot water
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Credit Worthy

Saver's Credit a "win-win" for plan sponsors and workers
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Marguita Fox

74, Retired coordinator of countywide services for the aging
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Profile: John Biggs and Tom Jones, TIAA-CREF

John Biggs left a home he loved in St. Louis when he took a job in New York as president of Teachers Insurance Annuity Association-College Retirement Equities Fund...