Janus Capital Launches Three Funds

December 19, 2011 (PLANSPONSOR.com) – Janus Capital Group Inc. launched three funds.

The funds include: INTECH Global Dividend Fund, January protected Series—Global, and Perkins Select Value Fund, all effective December 15, 2011.

The INTECH Global Dividend Fund is designed for investors in search of long-term growth of capital and monthly income beyond traditional fixed income investments. INTECH will use the same risk-managed investment process it has been implementing for nearly a quarter century, which focuses on alpha capture by selecting stocks with unique volatility characteristics and low correlations to one another, with an added consideration of maximizing dividend yield.

The Janus Protected Series – Global allows investors to participate in the global equity markets with a level of downside protection using a risk allocation methodology through a Capital Protection Agreement where BNP Paribas provides capital protection. The fund combines the stock picking of Janus with capital protection provided by BNP Paribas. It has a protection feature—the Protected NAV—that rises as the NAV of the fund rises, but doesn’t fall when the NAV declines (except for reductions related to dividends, distributions, certain extraordinary items and any extraordinary expenses).

The fund allocates primarily between global equities and a protection component (consisting of cash, cash equivalents, treasuries and derivatives) based on day-to-day market volatility. If the NAV per share for any share class is less than the protected NAV, the fund would liquidate. There is no guarantee that the investment techniques used by the fund’s portfolio manager and the risk allocation methodology agreed to with the capital protection provider will produce the desired results. The allocation process can result in the fund underperforming or lagging its benchmark or similarly managed funds during rising markets. Janus Protected Series – Global is managed by Jonathan Coleman, who also manages Janus Protected Series – Growth and serves as co-chief investment officer, equities, of Janus Capital Management.

Perkins Select Value Fund seeks capital appreciation unconstrained by market cap. The Perkins Select Value Fund has the flexibility to select securities among market caps based on both market conditions and valuation. The fund is co-managed by Bob Perkins, founder of Perkins Investment Management and co-portfolio manager of the Perkins Small Cap Value strategy, and Kevin Preloger, co-portfolio manager of the Perkins Large Cap Value strategy.