Jenzabar Adapts HR Software to Java-based Systems

September 24, 2007 ( - Jenzabar, Inc., which provides software services for higher education institutions, has launched a payroll and human resources software product forJava-based frameworks.

The Jenzabar CX Human Resources were originally written in Microsoft Visual Basic and have been rewritten and redesigned to leverage the new Java-based application framework.  

The HR module enables a user to define, record, track, and store histories for each employee. The module also allows users to associate multiple dates with employment, including: hire date, rehire date, adjusted service, retirement, and termination.

The framework is both database independent and platform independent and is the base for future Jenzabar CX product development, the company said.

The rewritten Jenzabar CX Human Resources (HR) Modules has such features as employee inquiries and global benefit updates that help an institution streamline operations within the HR and Payroll departments, according to the company.

The modules also have a new menu structure that is easier to navigate and a user interface that has been redesigned so users of other modules can more efficiently transfer skill sets to the HR modules.

The program manages all components of employee compensation and summarizes comprehensive employee information for management reporting at the departmental level.

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