Job Seeking Execs Upbeat About Employment Climate

December 29, 2005 ( - Some 56% of executive job seekers think now is a better time to be in the job market than it was a year ago, a new poll found.

A news release from said 77% of executives were enthusiastic about the job market climate.

The majority of executive job seekers (63%) expect to apply to fewer than 50 job listings before getting a hit (30% say less than 20; 33% say between 20-50 listings). Meanwhile, unemployed executives are less confident, with 31% indicating they expect to apply to more than 100 listings before receiving a concrete offer.

Reflecting their overall optimism, just over a third (34%) of executive job seekers believe their search will only take 3-6 months. Another 26% predict 1-3 months. Nearly the same proportion of executives predict a 6-12 month search (27%).

The survey also revealed fourth quarter sector-specific hiring trends, such as sharp increases in telecommunications/technology and industrial job openings in contrast to fewer jobs in the consumer and services sectors since the first quarter of 2005.

The Quarterly Executive Employment Outlook is based on analysis of recruiting activity on and an independent survey of registered $100k+ executives via the company’s Web site between November 24 and 29, 2005. Some 1,296 executives responded to the survey.