Job Site Adds Executive Search

January 5, 2005 ( -, a job-search Web site, has launched a new executive search tool.

A news release said the Executive Locator offering, put together with business search engine Eliyon Technologies, is a fee-based, searchable database that contains more than 23 million profiles of contacts from thousands of disciplines and professional titles, across diverse industries from millions of small, medium and large companies.

“‘Executive Locator’ gives candidates the ability to locate potential contacts by company name, location and a range of key criteria,” said Tony Lee, editor in chief,, in the news release.

The cost to use “Executive Locator” is $1 per contact, with a minimum purchase of 30 contacts. Executive contact files include phone numbers and e-mail addresses, with job title and company address. The database contains profiles of business people at 1.5 million companies. More than 25,000 new individual profiles are added each day, the announcement said.

In creating “Executive Locator,” Eliyon utilized natural-language-processing technology to extract business-specific information from millions of Web sites, according to the announcement. It combines dozens of pieces of information, extracted from different sites, into profiles of individual business professionals and companies, the announcement said.