Jobfox Offers Job Candidates Self Advertising Space

September 12, 2007 ( - Jobfox has launched a personal-branding Web site giving professionals tools to find career-advancement opportunities.

According to a Jobfox press release, the career site is the only one to showcase top job candidates instead of jobs.

Features of the new site include:

  • Jobfox Page for Personal Branding – A free Jobfox Page with a unique URL (for example, ) allows professionals to showcase professional skills, talents, career aspirations and job-change receptiveness. Built-in widgets enable candidates to share their Jobfox Pages on other social networking sites such as MySpace.
  • Jobfox Resume Tracker – With Jobfox’s free Resume Tracker, a candidate receives a mobile text message whenever his or her resume has been viewed by an employer. Resume Tracker works on any Web site including Jobfox, Monster, CareerBuilder, Craigslist and corporate employment sites. The Jobfox resume will also link viewers to a candidate’s Jobfox Page.
  • Precision Skills Matching – Jobfox’s intelligent job-fit technology drives openings to candidates.
  • IM Chat with Employers – Jobfox candidates can opt to share their online instant messaging availability with prospective employers. This enables employers to initiate chats in real time and set up times for further discussions.
  • Jobfox Tracking Center – Provides candidates with additional online information about employer matches, job-fit rankings and employer levels of interest.

“The top professionals have already given up on the old job-board game,” said Jobfox CEO Rob McGovern, who is the founder and former CEO of CareerBuilder, in the news release. “High achievers don’t have the time or the need to keyword search through hundreds of job postings. Jobfox puts the spotlight on career- minded candidates instead of job listing, turning the traditional job-board model upside down.”

Jobfox is at .