JPMorgan Launches Performance Measurement Tool

July 12, 2005 ( - JPMorgan has unveiled its Performance Measurement & Analytics Reporting System to help institutional investors maximize returns, a news release reports.

According to the news release, the system is designed so performance managers, analysts and institutional investors can analyze the effectiveness of their portfolio strategies.   The new system offers the ability to integrate with other technology from firms such as Wilshire Associates, Black Rock, MSCI, FTSE, Informa, Risk Metrics and Zephyr.

Capabilities of the new product, as reported in the news release, include:

  • More extensive risk calculations – A wide range of risk metrics with analytics and performance sensitivity. Ability to calculate the bifurcation of returns to show market gain or loss. Advanced statistical and risk analysis to calculate and access analytics such as risk-adjusted returns, information ratio, up/down market analysis, calculated Betas and regression analyses as well as more traditional measures such as standard deviation
  • Broader performance and attribution calculations – Attribution analysis allowing for customized and blended benchmarks and standard indices. Flexibility to match the investment process with asset class, region, country, sector or security. Fixed income attributions can also be calculated. The system supports Karnosky-Singer Attribution Model for country attribution.
  • Greater customization of reports – Each client user and fund manager will be able to define and apply their own approach to classifying and analyzing their portfolio’s positions.
  • The ability to provide required complex derivative and security information to regulatory and audit firms.

The system is available now to JPMorgan’s performance measurement clients, which include more than 200 investment management, pension and endowment funds and insurance firms.  

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