Keenan Acquires Envoy

April 21, 2004 ( - Keenan has expanded its retirement services capabilities with the acquisition of third-party administrator (TPA) and 403(b) and 457(b) compliance firm Envoy Plan Services.

Keenan, the largest privately held brokerage firm in California, moved to acquire Envoy to expand its services into the public school systems.   In addition, Kennan also picks up Envoy affiliate Retirement Solutions Group, which focuses on comprehensive retirement planning products and services, according to a news release.

Envoy and Retirement Solutions Group founder and president Robert Hornaday will head up the new Keenan acquisition.   To coordinate his activities with that of the larger Keenan operation, Hornaday will work closely with Steve Gedestad, Keenan’s Retirement Planning department head.