KLD Releases Sudan Divestment Compliance Tool

July 26, 2007 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - KLD Research & Analytics, Inc. has come out with a product to help identify Sudan-linked companies with a major involvement in a few key sectors such as military, oil and mineral extraction.

According to a press release , the Sudan Targeted Divestment Compliance product meets the requirements of the  Sudan Divestment Task Force  (SDTF), a group that promotes restricting investments in companies with ties to Sudan.  

KLD and the Sudan Divestment Task Force meet regularly to review selected companies and discuss the interpretation of the Sudan divestment guidelines recommended by the SDTF.

“This product, and KLD’s relationship with the Sudan Divestment Task Force — will help institutional investors and money managers comply with the increased complexity of divestment mandates, with the shared goal of eliminating corporate support of Sudan’s current regime and genocidal activities,” said Peter D. Kinder, President of KLD, in the press release.

KLD began offering Sudan Compliance products in November 2005 after the state of Illinois passed legislation mandating that all Illinois pension funds divest from companies with ties to Sudan (See   Illinois Fund’s Sudan Divestment Price Tag: $1.2 million and  Court Blocks Illinois Sudan Law ).

For more information visit   www.kld.com.