LifeCare Announces Backup Child and Elder Care Enhancements

June 3, 2011 - LifeCare, Inc. announced product and team improvements for backup child and elder care services.  

According to a press release, the members of LifeCare’s account management team have been certified as Backup Care Consultants, following training conducted by Peggy Altherr, Senior Vice President, Director of Backup Care Development. The announcement stated that this certification will allow them to help clients integrate backup child and elder care into their productivity solutions platforms, which may help reduce unplanned absenteeism from employees who care for children or adult loved ones. 

The company said the LifeCare suite of solutions allows employers to choose from the industry’s most comprehensive offering, to integrate subsidized backup care, to provide members with a rich online and telephonic experience, and to access LifeMart discount shopping. By taking a holistic approach to personal productivity, a fully integrated program may provide a more effective solution than a standalone backup care plan.  

“The same employee who scrambles today to find backup care for a loved one will likely face other issues, including long term child or elder care, legal, financial, educational and so on. When that employee can effectively deal with such issues in a single place – one that already knows him or her – the employee becomes more productive and more loyal to his or her employer,” said Peter G. Burki, LifeCare founder and chairman, in the announcement.  

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-Sara Kelly