LifeCare: Self Health Management Program Could Bring Down Costs

July 17, 2007 ( - LifeCare, a work/life care services provider, has come out with a health management program to help address issues such as uncontrolled asthma, back pain, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

SelfCareKits contain products and tools designed specifically to enable independent self care and foster long-term health improvements, according to a press release from the company.

According to Lifecare, when some of the kits were tested against an employer-funded combination of telephone coaching and walk-in clinics, Lifecare’s self-care Blood Pressure Control kit helped 88% of participating hypertensive employees reach the blood pressure goal of 140/80, while the telephonic coaching and walk-in clinic solution helped just 18% reach the goal.

LifeCare’s SelfCareKit for Asthma Control was tested against asthma literature from the American Lung Association (ALA). After six months, 44% of participants receiving the ALA literature were still in compliance with medication guidelines and following practices to keep themselves healthy. However, 95% of those using SelfCareKit for Asthma Control literature were still in medical compliance and following healthy practices.

“Offering workers resources to improve their health can pay huge organizational dividends-if you can actually get them to make long-term changes to their lifestyles,” said LifeCare CEO, Peter G. Burki, in the press release. “Nothing does that as effectively as our SelfCareKits. Frankly, traditional disease management programs have fallen short of expectations, and employers continue to pay out millions of dollars every year for employees’ unmanaged chronic conditions.”

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