Boston Firm Unveils Two 130/30 Offerings

July 16, 2007 ( - Independence Investments LLC, a Boston-based money manager, has unveiled Long/Short 130/30 U.S. Mid-Capitalization Core and Long/Short 130/30 U.S. Large Capitalization Value strategies to the institutional market.

According to a company news release, the 130/30 mid-cap core and large cap value strategies are managed by a team led by Senior Vice Presidents John C. Forelli,   Jay C. Leu, and Thomas D. Spicer,   who oversee the firm’s large cap and mid-cap equity strategies.

Independence ‘s long/short strategies maintain 100% net market exposure and generally include 125-175 long positions and 40-80 short positions, with holdings diversified by sector and industry, and active risk concentrated in stock selection.

“Our long/short 130/30 approaches are enhanced versions of our existing strategies and by eliminating long-only constraints we are able to make better use of all the information in our proprietary valuation models,” said Mark Lapman, chief executive officer and chairman of the investment committee in the announcement.

There will be a minimum account investment of $1 million, the company said.

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