Majority of US Employees Satisfied With Work-Life Balance

August 17, 2005 ( - All work and no play making anyone a dull person is no concern according to the 70% of Hudson survey respondents who said they actually have fun at work.

The Hudson survey on work-life balance also found that 76% of respondents say they are very or somewhat satisfied with their work-life balance. “It’s surprising, but encouraging that so many workers are able to manage the demands of their job while still finding time for friends and family,” said Alicia Barker, vice-president of human resources for Hudson North America, in a company press release.

Not surprisingly, entrepreneurs report more overall satisfaction with their work-life balance (82%) than government workers (78%) or corporate employees (70%).

The survey also shows that married workers are happier with their work-life balance (82%) than single workers (66%) according to the news release, and married workers also report having more fun at work (74%) than single workers (64%).

The Hudson survey of 1,891 US workers found that those who earned more and worked less were generally more satisfied with their work-life balance.

More results of the survey can be found at .