Managing Employee Health Key to Controlling Costs

February 15, 2011 ( – Skyrocketing health costs have pushed health care performance management (HPM) to center stage for employers seeking to boost productivity and control health benefit costs, according to a new white paper.

“Savvy companies are realizing that the benefits associated with making their employees healthier far exceed the dollars and cents calculations of insurance premium costs,” the report from HPM Institute contends.  

The report calls on companies to incorporate workforce health into their overall strategy for protecting and developing their human capital resources. It also explains how HR teams are deploying healthcare performance management technology to improve employee health and productivity.  

As with any strategic initiative, HPM says, HR/HPM integration must have top-down support if organizations are to reap the true benefits There also needs to be effective communication about the benefits of the change to employees. Such initiatives are most successful when executive leadership sees the big picture, then empowers HR to look at their employee population, make decisions based on that population and communicate with the workers and their families before they actually develop and implement wellness programs.  

The roadmap for Employer Health Asset Management involves seven main elements: 

  • Develop and embrace an organizational vision of health; 
  • Senior management participation and commitment; 
  • Workplace policies and the work environment; 
  • Diagnostics, informatics and health metrics; 
  • Health goals and program elements; 
  • Value-based plan design; and 
  • Patient-centered medical home (PCMH) / chronic care management. 


The white paper can be downloaded from A free registration is required.