Manulife Launches Online Canadian Pension Enrollment

July 10, 2003 ( - Manulife Financial Canadian Pension Operations is tossing the paper trail out the window, launching an electronic enrolment service to complement its Internet support services.

Manulife’s group savings e-enrolment service is tailored for the individual user.   Electronic enrolment provides participants with online tools to learn about and enroll in their group savings plan, while plan administrators have several self-service options to assist in tracking new enrollments, according to a news release.

For participants, the tool provides Web-based planning tools to help plan members determine how much they need to save and their investor style before selecting their investments. Additionally, the tool provides step-by-step instructions to guide plan members through the enrolment process.

When it comes time for the selection of investments, members are informed when investment selections do not match their investor style.   Further, t he investment lineup is customized for each client, so that participants only see investments available in their plan.

With members self-enrolling in their savings plan, Manulife said plan administrators can have more flexibility with their workload and can focus on other tasks.   Some time management tools built into the new service for plan administrators include:

  • the member download feature to track new members at the plan administrator’s convenience.
  • an e-enrolment review feature to review, approve or decline a member’s enrollment before it’s submitted to Manulife, to ensure that only eligible members enroll
  • weekly e-mail notifications letting them know if there are e-enrollments waiting for their approval.

Manulife Financial group pensions Web site is acknowledged as a VeriSign Secure Site, allowing users to submit sensitive data to this site with information sent to this site, if in an SSL session, encrypted, protecting against disclosure to third parties.