Market Deals a Softer Blow to HSAs

February 2, 2009 ( - Assets invested in Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) have not suffered as much as assets in other retirement plans, according to a survey by Information Strategies, Inc., parent of

The 1,024 interviews done during November and December revealed that for 341 HSA account holders with accounts opened more than three years, year-to-date losses averaged -13%, according to A majority (61%) of these account holders said their HSA losses were less than losses to assets in self-directed retirement programs they held.

For 569 HSA account holders with accounts opened two years or less YTD gains were +1.3%. Only 12% of those who reported they had other retirement accounts said their HSA account was down greater than their other retirement account.

The 123 respondents with accounts opened less than one year did not report gains or losses, the press release said.

Overall, only 27% of respondents reported their HSA account was down about equally with other investments. speculates that since most HSA accounts are in bank deposits, they are less affected by the market downturn than plans invested more heavily in stocks and other market-based vehicles.