MarketAxess Launches Bond Pricing Product

December 11, 2002 ( - MarketAxess, an Internet-based multi-dealer trading platform for credit products, has announced the launch of MarketAxess Corporate BondTicker to provide comprehensive corporate bond pricing.

The Web-based data product will combine NASD TRACE data with MarketAxess tools to provide real-time, continuous estimated spreads to benchmark Treasuries for all corporate bond trades distributed by the NASD.  

Additionally, MarketAxess will provide BondTicker data through daily recaps; allowing users to review NASD-reported corporate bond trade executions, estimated volumes, and market summaries for both investment grade and high yield securities.

MarketAxess also said is expects the BondTicker service to include the NASD TRACE Phase Two data when it is disseminated in the first quarter of 2003. The Phase Two data is expected to include the majority of all corporate bond price information.