Median Retail Operation Execs Get $247,000 Cash Compensation in 2004

December 15, 2004 ( - The median retail operations executive received $246,800 in cash compensation in 2004, according to a Mercer survey of retail industry practices.

This is slightly lower than the top marketing/merchandising executives made ($256,200), but higher than both distribution managers’ ($229,500) and divisional store operations executives’ ($150,000) annual cash compensation.

Looking at management positions, for some of the most highly populated management jobs, pay is virtually flat with the exception of store managers, according to the survey. Store managers’ compensation rose nearly $7,000 from 2003’s $40,900. Area managers, training managers, and inventory managers all received around the same levels of compensation as last year, with these groups in 2004 making $59,000, $69,000, and $43,600 respectively.

Regarding hourly positions, dispatchers received the highest total median cash compensation at $15.60 per hour, with shipper/receiver ($11.50), delivery driver ($8.50), and cashier ($7.75) following.

By region, the Northeast provided the largest compensation in the buyer industry at $77,600. For store manager positions, the median salary is highest on the West Coast at $48,500. For a warehouse worker/equipment operator, the highest hourly wage is found in the Southeast ($12.75).

These were the results of Mercer’s 2004 Multi-Outlet Retailer Compensation Survey, which polled 132 mid-to-large sized retail organizations. By industry, the largest categories were specialty retailers (33%), grocery/supermarket (14%), and eating/dining (12%).