MedImpact Launches Community Pharmacist Based Savings Program

March 5, 2004 ( - MedImpact Healthcare Systems, Inc has introduced a new program offering consumers the option of obtaining up to a 90-day supply of prescription medication from their community pharmacist.

Choice90Rx, unveiled at the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs’ (NCPDP), offers participants the option of going to their pharmacist for face-to-face consultations at the same time providing aggressive pricing equal to or better than that of mail order distribution centers for 90-day prescriptions.   This combination of benefits, the company says, lowers plan sponsor drug costs while enhancing consumer satisfaction and quality of care, according to a news release.

Additionally, MedImpact says the program levels the playing field for the local pharmacist.   As evidence, MedImpact points to a Walgreens in Michigan that participated in Choice90Rx for an employer, and as a result has seen a 61% increase in market share for employees of that company. In addition, Walgreens average day’s supply of prescriptions filled for that employer increased from 22-day to 42-day supply.

For more Choice90Rx information, please contact Lisa Fletcher, MedImpact’s Choice90Rx Product Manager, at 858-790-7062.