Mellon Expands Workbench Tools

April 24, 2001 ( - Mellon Trust clients now have access to improved online reporting and processing capabilities, including expanded foreign exchange trading and enhanced reporting tools.

Mellon has announced the following enhancements to its Workbench product:

  • an automated Web-based foreign (FX) exchange trading product (e-IdealFX) that offers the ability to automatically upload/download trade related data between e-IdealFX and a plan sponsor’s trading or portfolio management system
  • the introduction of a suite of performance measurement and investment analytics reports through Russell/Mellon Analytical Services
  • access to more than 40 Web-based Global Securities Lending Reports, including monthly client earnings, lending activity, borrower exposure, collateral received and reinvestment activity
  • enhanced cash, custody and accounting reporting
  • a variety of benefit payment reports, as well as check history and stop-payment capabilities.

Last March Mellon introduced a new Internet-based connectivity option for Workbench.

In July 2000, customers could begin accessing audited financial statements via the Internet and last September Mellon began offering browser-based real-time reporting.

Since its introduction last year, Workbench has gained nearly 800 new users to its site, according to the company.