Mercer Introduces Mobile Benefits Site for Employees

Mercer has launched BenefitsCentral.

Mercer has launched Mercer BenefitsCentral, a digital experience for its U.S. Large Market Benefits Administration clients and their employees.

BenefitsCentral provides inquiry and transaction capabilities across all desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, enabling participants to manage benefits anytime, anywhere, with a consistent experience no matter the device.

Personalization brings targeted messaging, educational resources, and program content to individuals based on specific interests. By leveraging Mercer’s proprietary intellectual capital into strategic content and decision support, Mercer BenefitsCentral helps individuals maximize benefits and take advantage of cost-saving opportunities, based on unique needs and goals, such as starting a family, buying a home, or preparing for retirement.

By integrating popular retail tools, such as shopping cart technology, cost and feature comparisons, and personalized guidance, the site presents users with a familiar experience, resembling the applications encountered in everyday life. Additionally, a modular and flexible homepage takes on a dashboard-style display and presents a suite of messaging and interactive tiles to users, highlighting valuable information, calls to action, and a holistic benefits overview, Mercer said.

BenefitsCentral launched in November 2014 for Mercer’s Health and Benefits Administration clients and their employees. In 2015, Mercer BenefitsCentral will launch for Mercer’s Retirement Plan Administration clients and their employees.

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