Mercer Releases Guides for Social Security, Medicare

January 15, 2014 ( – Consulting firm Mercer has released explanatory material about Social Security and Medicare that may prove useful to plan sponsors and participants.

Knowing what benefits Social Security and Medicare provides, and the best age to begin receiving benefits, is one of the first steps in retirement planning, according to an announcement from Mercer. To that end, Mercer has released its “2014 Guide to Social Security” and “2014 Medicare Booklet,” which give simple explanations of both federal programs, recent changes, and cost and benefit amounts for 2014. The materials also include many real-life examples.

The Social Security guide, now in its 42nd edition, is a 64-page booklet that includes information about:

  • Major Social Security program changes for 2014;
  • Retirement benefits including early, late and delayed retirement information, along with examples;
  • Disability and survivor benefits;
  • Who receives benefits;
  • Easy-to-reference monthly benefit tables;
  • Medicare benefits overview of eligibility and enrollment;
  • A to-do section; and
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about Social Security.

In addition, Mercer has issued the 31st edition of its booklet on Medicare. The 32-page document discusses:

  • Major Medicare changes for 2014;
  • What is covered and not covered;
  • Enrollment and eligibility;
  • Part A (Hospital Insurance);
  • Part B (Medical Insurance);
  • Part C (Medicare Advantage Plans); and
  • Part D (Outpatient Prescription Drug Plan).

Information about how to purchase the guide and booklet can be found here, or by calling 800-333-3070.

The minimum order for the guide is 25 copies at $7.60 each. The minimum order for the booklet is 100 copies at $3.65 each. Quantity discounts are available for both documents.