Mercer: U.S. Finance, HR & Marketing Directors Get Top Pay

April 23, 2007 ( - Human resources, finance and marketing directors in the U.S. earn a higher base salary than their counterparts in other countries, according to a recent Mercer Human Resources Consulting survey.

According to the survey of salaries for these positions in 15 countries, the U.S. consistently is in the highest spot in terms of pay, and India and Hungary held the bottom standing.

The highest paid HR directors are found in the U.S., U.K., and Germany where employees can earn $175,000, $161,900, and $160,500, respectively. Annual total cash for this position is highest in Germany, at $227,500, followed by $219,000 in the U.S. and $202,500 in the U.K. HR directors in Hungary and India, earn significantly less annual base pay than in those in other countries – bringing in around $57,100 and $47,900 respectively.

Finance directors based in the U.S. pull in the highest salaries of the 15 countries surveyed by Mercer, earning an average $250,000 each year, followed by those in Canada and the UK, who receive around $186,400 and $180,300, respectively. Their counterparts in Hong Kong, Italy, and Germany also earn above-average base pay, at $168,500, $159,000, and $154,400.

The U.S. still leads the pack when looking at annual total cash compensation for finance directors. U.S.-based finance directors are the highest paid, earning annual total cash of $324,600 on average, followed by those in Canada and the UK, who receive approximately $262,700 and $236,600, respectively. Finance directors in Hungary and India fall at the bottom in terms of both base salaries and total cash compensation, earning a base salary of about $59,800 and $53,800, respectively.

The U.S., Italy and the U.K. have the highest base pay for marketing directors, with $203,100, $169,100 and $167,800, respectively. India has the lowest paid marketing directors at about $40,000. Marketing directors in the U.S. also receive the most annual total cash, followed by those in the U.K., Germany, and Italy.

The 15-country analysis is drawn from a larger Mercer survey of 2,300 organizations. For the full survey results go here .